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Ski Gear at Ski World Orlando
Snow Gear at Ski World Orlando
Ski Gear at Ski World Orlando
Ski Gear at Ski World Orlando
Ski Gear at Ski World Orlando
Ski Gear at Ski World Orlando
Ski Gear at Ski World Orlando
Ski Gear at Ski World Orlando
Snow Gear

Gear For Hiking

•Warm Hiking Boots

Thermal Underwear

•Polorized Sunglasses

•Goretex Products



Kid's Gear


•Snow Jackets

•Snow Pants

•Gloves and Mittens

•Kids Sized Helmets

•Kids Skis and Boots

•Small Goggles

•Long Underwear

•Cool Hats

•Neck Covers

•Hand Warmers

The selection of women's snow apparel is one of the biggest in Orlando and you can access this cold weather seasoned gear all year long! All of our staff are experienced snow ski and boarders with the knowledge of the gear that is sold at the store. 

The quality of product's that is carried has been tested and proves to last the longest, year after year.


For more information or questions on ski and snowboard gear, please email us at

or call us at 407-894-5012.



Snow Gear Tip: How to Shop For Snow Clothes

Sliding down the mountain on a snowboard or snowski can be the best feeling of freedom and excitement.... if your not cold and wet!
Many people come into the ski and snowboard shop, and say they are going to the mountain for only a few days or a week. *Please don't get caught up about the lowest priced clothing and equipment! The mountain can be an ever changing of weather and conditions ranging from warm and sunny, to very cold and windy, at a moments notice. Buy quality snow gear that works and lasts, and you will be happy for many, many seasons. 

Lets Talk About Layers:
   First Layer: Wicks perspiration from the skin outward for evaporation, which makes you feel warm and dry. There are several thermal underwear fabric types which are produced, such as Terramar silk, Hot Totties mid weight, Hot Chillys Microelite 2 layer 4 way stretch, Thermalwool heavy weight and more, in assorted weights according to activity levels and warmth levels. Cotton from the discount store is NOT a good idea as cotton absorbs water and feels wet, cold and clamy.

Second layer(s): Usually T-Necks, sweaters, hoodies and polar fleece are layered as needed for conditions. Thin layers are best for trapping heat and better movement. 
   Outerwear: Today's snow jackets and pants are more technical than ever especially in waterproof and breathable terms. The ratings are listed on the tag as mm water per 24 hr breathability and mm waterproofing in a water column.

 -Example- 3000 waterproof-3000 breathable, which would be a low rating to stay dry, and not recommended for a person who sweats a lot.  15000 mm would be much better. Gortex membrane has a rating of 28000 mm. Another key feature of outerwear is the seams, of which a basic garment has NO SEAL behind the seams to keep out wind and water. A mid priced one has some seams sealed and a higher quality has all the seams sealed.

   Snow Pants- come insulated or shell, with cuffs to keep the snow out of your boots, pockets for wallet and keys, vents to cool off when thrashing the slopes. Price starts at $40. for a 3000 mm rating without seamed seals and go to $350 for a 20-30000 mm fully sealed.

   Snow Jackets-same as pants- prices are $100-175. for the basic 3-5000 mm;  $180-250. for 8-10,000 mm;  $260-350. 15,000mm; and $360-600 20-30,000 mm.

Ski Gear at Ski World Orlando
Ski Gear at Ski World Orlando

Winter Consignment Sale-

We offer you a chance to sell your old winter clothes and gear by putting them on consignment here at the shop. When your items sell, we call you to come in to pick up your check at the price you expected.


It's your money! You can do whatever you want with it, but we suggest that since you sold your old gear, that you put that money to new equipment and winter clothes that will last you longer than the last stuff you bought.


Come in today and bring in your old stuff to sell and get some money back out of it instead of giving it away or worse, throwing it away. 


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