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Water Skis

From Beginner to Pro

Ski World Orlando | Connelly Water Ski Image: Experience the thrill of cutting through the water with a Connelly water ski, designed for high performance and precision.
Ski World Orlando | Connelly Water Ski: Get ready to ride the waves with a Connelly water ski, featuring advanced technology and superior craftsmanship.
Ski World Orlando | Connelly Water Skiing Equipment: Explore the range of Connelly water skis, known for their durability, stability, and exceptional control on the water.
GT - Carbon Series

The GT is the new premier slalom ski from Connelly designed for the advanced skier running thirty-two miles-per-hour and higher. The edge of the slalom ski has an aggressive bevel that transitions to a rounded edge on the tail allowing a deeper plunging rear. This would typically cause drag but the 'V' design just aft mid-ski helps create more turbulent water to the fin. The result is a grippy front end with a looser rear end for rotating through the buoy turns. This is a highly aggressive waterski with just the right amount of forgiveness for advanced skiers.


Available in 65", 66", 67", and 68" sizes.


V - Carbon Series

The V is a slalom ski designed for a slightly heavier rider at speeds between 30mph to 34mph.

It comes in two options: a full fiberglass model and a carbon fiber/fiberglass (70/30%) model. The V water ski uses a six step-down-system similar to the three step-down-system on the Connelly GT. This creates a very forgiving waterski simultaneously increasing turning ability while decreasing drag.


This water ski is available in 65", 67", and 69" sizes.

Concept - Impulse Series

The Concept has been one of the number one selling waterskis from Connelly for over twenty years. The Concept utilizes a dual concave system to help keep waterskiers on edge instead of rocking when hitting the first wake. This ski also has a slider fin specifically chosen for its surface area to help maintain control under your feet. The result is a highly stable slalom ski for the intermediate to advanced skier seeking higher speeds between thirty to thirty-four miles-per-hour.


This ski is available exclusively at Ski World in 64", 66", and 68" sizes.

Ski World Orlando | Connelly Water Ski Gear: Discover the quality and innovation of Connelly water skis, designed to elevate your water skiing adventures.
Ski World Orlando | Connelly Water Skiing: Embrace the excitement of water skiing with a Connelly water ski, engineered for speed, maneuverability, and responsive handling.
Ski World Orlando | Connelly Water Ski Performance: Achieve your water skiing goals with a Connelly water ski, engineered to deliver optimal performance and enhance your skills on the water.
Aspect - Intermediate

The Aspect is Connelly's slalom ski for 28mph to 32mph skiers seeking similar characteristics to the V or the Carbon V. The Aspect retains the six step down system while integrating more surface area on the base of the ski. In addition, a flat space was created at the edge of the bevel allowing for a cruising position that does not force the skier to either edge. The result is an extremely stable slalom ski capable for use by beginner to intermediate slalom skiers.


The Aspect is available exclusively from Ski World in 65", 67", and 69" sizes.

SP - For Women

Weather it’s your first time on a slalom ski, or you're a veteran at the local course, the SP delivers solid performance. Based on the extremely popular Concept, this ski offers a softer flex pattern for a women's frame. This forgiving ski design makes for a smooth day on the lake for a variety of skill levels by providing superior tacking and stability. Soft round bevels and a large flat spot under the bindings add to the forgiving ride.

Cadet - For Kids

Start them young! Your job is easy with a pair of Cadet trainers. This set features a wide design with a large surface area and C.T.S. (Connelly Tracking System) for quicker planning. A removable stabilizer bar holds the skis the proper distance apart to ensure control and confidence while learning. A two handle rope system lets an adult safely control the pull from the boat. It is directly connected to the skis where the child and the skis each share a portion of the load. Teach your kids how to ski the first time, with this easy to use instructional tool.

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