Humanoid Wakeboards


Manufactured in Orlando, Florida with pro models available from top riders like legend

Randal Harris, Chris O'Shea, Chris Langfield, Kyle Shmidt, and Nick Dorsey.

Humanoid O'Shea Wakeboard
Humanoid Oracle Wakeboard
Humanoid Plank Wakeboard
O'Shea - Continuous Rocker


Listening to Chris O's trademark accent, one might think he's an international creature of leisure. Maybe he spends his downtime sipping Pina Coladas lakeside in his inflatable flamingo raft? Well, that could be. However, we do know that in between working his ass off producing photos and filming two full length movies this year, Chris O upped his game once again by tuning his flagship model into a beast of a rig. Tip to tail base channels and 6 Point Seven fins make this board ideal for two things. - going fast & going huge. When you're ready to launch into orbit, the large rounded spine in the base creates pillow soft landings. For more casual evenings, flip upside down for one hell of a happy hour drink table.


Sizes(cm): 135, 139, 144


Oracle - Continuous Rocker


The Oracle is our widest shape and maintains one of the largest rockers in the line. This makes for quick, explosive lift off the wake. Kyle Schmidt shaped the Oracle for progression at any level. He kept the arc of the Oracle's sidecut flat and transitioned the corners into more aggressive lines which add stability when on edge. The slightly elevated bottom spine makes the Oracle land soft yet still keep the board quick in side to side response. The base transitions from a center spine to a flattened tip and tail for simple tail and nose pressing in the park. The Oracle is a consistent crowd pleaser year after year.


Sizes(cm): 137, 140, 143



Plank - Continuous Rocker


The formula is simple and time tested. The Plank has a wide center and fast rocker line while showcasing a soft & playful flex making it one of the most popular decks of our line. True to it's name, the Plank has a subtly contoured top and flat bottom that allows for consistent areas of softer flex throughout the entire length of the board. We lifted the bottom edges of the Plank to give it catch-free jib zones. We reduced the thickness in the nose and tail for 2015 which provides for insane ollies and super fun in the park and on rails. This is our entry level park board that competes on both performance and price.


Sizes(cm): 136, 142


Humanoid 1UP Wakeboard
Humanoid Huxtable Wakeboard
1UP - Blended 3-stage Rocker


The 1up is only blended 3-stage rocker in the line, and it pops fierce but consistent. Rigid contours machined throughout the top and bottom give the 1up a stiffer flex through the center giving it maximum response when riding behind the boat. For laps around the park, the channels in the base transition to a flat tail and nose for catch free jib zones. The spine in the base remains level with the outside channels which make for aggressive tracking through the wake and landings easy on the knees. If you're looking for a predictable, floaty freestyle board, this board has it all.


Sizes(cm): 134, 138, 142


Huxtable - Continuous Rocker


Our feature-rich luxury park board got some serious plastic work done in 2015. A new bi-axial fiberglass top & bottom makes the Huxtable more flexible and lighter than ever. Deep recessed channels on the base allow for a strong edge hold when boosting in the park and also provide the rigidity throughout the centerline for hauling ass behind a boat. We designed the recessed base channels to remain level throughout so team rider Mitch Langfield can crush park features without unnecessary hangups. Package this with a serious wardrobe combo and you'll have all the makings of a human on permanent vacay.


Sizes(cm): 126 132, 138, 142


Odyssey Boot

The boot with the intention of all terrain compatibility for a variety of rider preferences. Our I.L.L. lace entry system with an upper velcro strap offer unmatched customization possibilities. The Odyssey's taller boot collar adds more support for aggressive riding styes while rear elastic crash panels provide flexibility during hard falls. We spared no expense on our Flight Foam moldable EVA boot liner - anatomically contoured footbeds, molded liner tongues, 20+ drainage holes, and large ankle J bars give your feet the right amount of snug. For 2015, we modified the rear boot upper and improved our Dupont nylon glass mixture for increased chassis integrity.

Howl Boot

The Howl offers user friendly versatility, durability, and a refined style unlike any other wakeboard boot. An entirely new V Fly tightening system allows for quick and easy boot entry. Strategically placed D rings on the lower straps control foot movement while the upper straps maintain ankle support - all with a single tug. A durable Dupont special nylon glass mixture gives the Smart Toof binding chassis unmatched rigidity and structural integrity. The moldable EVA Flight Foam liner offer anatomically contoured footbeds, molded liner tongues, and large J bars. The Howl has a softer flexing upper that makes the boot as comfy as it looks.

Humanoid Howl Boot
Humanoid Howl Camo Boot
Humanoid Mustard Odyssey Boot
Humanoid Odyssey Boot
Humanoid Pillage Vest
Humanoid Pillage Mustard
Pillage Life Vest


A thicker, more buoyant comp vest vs. the Scallywag, the Pillage 19mm of thickness adds more support yet maintains flexibility with it's anatomically correct paneling. A full zip front entry make getting into and out of this rascal a breeze. A full custom print outer shell makes artwork pop and dramatically decreases drying time.


Contorsionist Stretch Fabric

Quick Dry Tech

Frankenfoam Stitching

The Scallywag Live Jacket


The Scallywag feels like the perfect amount of thickness and mobility for a comp vest. At 10mm of foam thickness, the Scallywag has more buoyancy versus traditional comp vests yet still allows for flexibility. A new full-front zip entry option, interior zipper placket, and 3 mesh drainage zones keep the vest chaff-free, comfortable, and quick drying.


Contorsionist Stretch Fabric

Quick Dry Tec

Frankenfoam Stitching

Humanoid Scallywag Vest
Humanoid Scallywag Vest Black