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Paddleboard Fun

Looking for something fun to do in Orlando? Why not come try stand up paddleboarding with Ski World Orlando? SUP boarding is one of the newest crazes to overtake North America… and Australia, and South America, and even Southeast Asia. Paddle boarding can be done by yourself or with a group of your friends. You can even stand up paddle with complete strangers! People who enjoy standup paddleboarding thrive on outdoor activities and love being on the water. They usually have a great tan and get plenty of vitamin D because the body utilizes sunlight to produce that vitamin. SUP boarding is also fantastic exercise! If your stroke is properly dialed in, paddle boarding for an hour can be one of the best abdominal core workouts for your body. You don’t have to be an athlete to SUP board. In fact, our instructors at Ski World Orlando have taught many people who have never paddleboarded before! So, what is your excuse? Great exercise, a great tan, and a community of people looking to enjoy life out on the water… this is what we do in Florida - come join us! Ski World Orlando has paddleboard rentals available seven days a week and offer casual or private lessons for those looking to perfect their SUP technique. Give us a call to schedule your next rental or lesson!

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