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Consignment Gear and Clothes

Send your old clothes and gear to Ski World Orlando, not the dump!

We offer you a chance to sell your old winter clothes and gear by putting them on consignment here at the shop. When your items sell, we call you to come in to pick up your check at the price you expected.

Remind you, this is not a trade. We simply allow you to put your product in our store to sell at the price you determine, and we write you a check when it sells.

It's your money! You can do whatever you want with it, but we suggest that since you sold your old gear, that you put that money to new equipment and winter clothes that will last you longer than the last stuff you bought.

Come in today and bring in your old stuff to sell and get some money back out of it instead of giving it away or worse, throwing it away.

We have the largest selection of ski and snowboard consignment clothes and equipment in Orlando. Things sell every single day because of the selection. Customers bring in great stuff all of the time, and offers it to you at a very good price. We don't take junk!

We are located across the street from Lake Ivanhoe just north of Downtown Orlando on Orange. Ave.

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