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Get Yourself Some SUP Surfing

Did you see the wave report this morning?

Even more importantly, did you play hooky from work to catch some waves?

You were in for a treat - like ice cream with sprinkles, whip cream, and a cherry on top - if you joined the ranks of paddlesurf riders in the lineup this morning. Long, workable waves spilled in with every set and the chop wasn't any worse than a splashing two year old in a bathtub. If you didn't make it out with your SUP surfboard this morning, you missed out on a great day despite the overcast. Paddlesurfers will brag about the number of waves they catch in contrast to regular surfers; even longboarders fall short in wave count. The use of a paddle allows for more initial torque while attempting to catch waves. In addition, there is no drag or delay in the popping-up process - you are already standing on a paddleboard!

If you haven't had a chance to try this amazing sport or are simply feeling your wave count isn't high enough, come see us at Ski World Orlando across from beautiful Lake Ivanhoe. Our staff are very knowledgeable in the sport and can match you with the correct board regardless if you are a first time paddleboarder or seeking the next ultimate SUP surfboard to add to your quill.

We carry paddleboard surfboards, or Paddlesurfboard's from 404, Bark, BOTE, Cruze, Lokahi, Michael Dolsey, NSP, Surftech, Triple X, Vesl, and Watersedge. Hope to see you in the waves soon!

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