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Waterski Lengend, Andy Mapple, Passes at Age 52

1962 - 2015

Andy Mapple is a World Record holder and Championship waterskier. He is an 11 time World Record Holder, 6 World Championships, 3 Senior World Titles, 14 U.S. Masters titles, 14 Moomba Masters titles, 15 US Open Slalom titles, 12 time Pro Tour Champion, 3 Time World Cup Champion, with 168 Professional Victories Worldwide.

He started his own slalom ski company based just outside of Orlando, Florida where he taught others and built his brand out of his home.

You can see more on Andy's website,

We pulled Andy's story from his website so you can see why he was so highly respected in the waterski community, and will be missed dearly.


"I was 13 years old when I started skiing in England on Lake Windermere. I hated water, and could not swim!! My older sister Susan learned to ski with friends, and after a few weeks of seeing this each weekend, I was convinced to have a go. I had a wetsuit on, life vest and I think even a floatation belt. I was not going under. I was helped in the water to get my balance and got up first time. I will never forget that feeling of going across the water. From that moment, all I wanted to do was ski, every moment I had, I would think of skiing.I remember watching the World Championships on TV, then going to watch the mens finals live at Thorpe Park. I watched Bob LaPoint and Robbi Zucci. We did not know what a slalom course was, so really had no clue as to what it all meant, just big spray!

Through the years I continued to grow in the sport, and enjoying it as much as I did that first time. Tournaments started. First event: 1@32mph (start speed) and 20 points in tricks!! We were on our way!

Skiing was my passion, it was all I wanted to do."

Below are the people behind Mapple Skis.

"I have traveled all over the world competing in different events and having success beyond my dreams. After i retired from events in 2004, I really understood what my real drive was. It was the strive for perfection in what I was doing. I wanted to know and figure out how to do it better than the next guy. The development of technique, equipment development and fitness where all the drive for me, then I take it to an event to measure up.

Skiing has provided me a great life, I met my wife Deena through skiing and have two great children Michael and Elyssa.

I have been so blessed to win so many events around the world, but one of the greatest honor’s came in 2002 when I received the O.B.E from the Queen of England for service to sport. This was not only an Honor for me and my family who have made so many sacrifices, but it was an honor that the sport of waterskiing was recognized at this level, and my family could be a part of that.

My passion for waterskiing is as great today as it was when I started, my roll has just changed now. I worked so hard to become a Champion, now I want to help build Champions at all levels in the sport."

R.I.P Andy Mapple 1962-2015

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