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Slalom Ski Course on Lake Ivanhoe

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There was a time where the public had access to a slalom course on downtown Orlando's "Lake Ivanhoe." There is still a slalom course in Lake Ivanhoe, it's just under water and it's hard to find. Luckily, we have some diving gear and are going to find it.

We haven't found all of it, but we have started bringing it up to the surface. It would be great to have some help getting this course back up and working. And even after its up, we need help keeping it in good condition. There are a lot of boats and jetski's that vroom around. Sometimes the boueys get hit and some disappear. Since we at Ski World Orlando don't get out on the lake everyday, it would be great to have some willing voulenteers to help keep this course working.

Come to the shop and talk to Mike if you are willing to help keep the slalom course in shape becuase you use the course yourself.

We are looking to get some friendly skiiers to have some fun with us and the slalom ski course.

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