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Car Roof Racks

"We are an authorized dealer of the top name brands in car racks and roof enclosures. We have many different styles to match your car properly, and at an affordable price."

Mike, Ski World Owner

What is a Car Roof Rack?

Car roof racks provide storage space on the vehicle roof so you can transport bicycles, kayaks, surfboards, paddleboards and other equipment unable to fit in the trunk. Roof racks also provide the ability to install enclosed compartments, which provide additional storage space that is protected from weather. Each roof rack system is specifically designed and set up per vehicle to guarantee fit without damage to the vehicle roof.

Truck bed racks are also an option. Truck bed racks provide the ability to transport SUP boards while still leaving the bed open to transport other equipment. When not in use, the truck racks recess down to the truck bed.

Ski World Orlando provides free installation of all roof racks purchased in-store. Call us to check availability for your car roof rack parts.


Ski World Orlando | Car Roof Rack Installation Image: Discover the convenience and versatility of our car roof rack installation services with our informative image. Our expert technicians ensure a secure and professional installation, allowing you to safely transport skis, snowboards, bikes, kayaks, and more on your vehicle. Trust us to enhance your outdoor adventures with our reliable car roof rack solutions.
Ski World Orlando | Car Roof Rack Installation on Trucks Image: Discover the convenience and functionality of our car roof rack installation services specifically designed for trucks. Our experienced technicians ensure a reliable and secure installation, enabling you to transport skis, snowboards, bikes, kayaks, and other outdoor equipment on your truck with ease. Experience the freedom and versatility of our truck roof rack solutions and take your outdoor adventures to new heights.

What you need...

Ski World Orlando carries Thule Racks and Yakima Racks. Regardless of your vehicle, Ski World carries a rack system to fit your needs. If it isn't in stock, we can typically have the parts shipped within twenty-four hours.

We also carry numerous accessories for your roof rack system including SUP paddle holders, the SUP Taxi and Board Shuttle by Thule, the SUPDawg by Yakima, and the Hull-a-Port Pro for kayaks. 

Ski World Orlando also stocks numerous tie downs made by Thule, Yakima, and FCS.

Whatever your car roof rack needs, give us a call!


Why buy with us?


FREE installation with car roof racks purchased at Ski World Orlando!


Numerous roof rack accessories available in stock!



Custom order rack parts can be shipped within 24 hours! 

Professional advice FREE of charge!

Ski World Orlando | Paddle Board Roof Rack: Maximize your paddleboarding adventures with our high-quality paddle board roof rack. Our image showcases the secure and convenient installation of the roof rack, allowing you to transport your paddleboard safely and effortlessly on top of your vehicle. Trust our reliable roof rack solution to elevate your paddleboarding experience and make the most out of your water excursions.
Ski World Orlando | Multiple Paddle Boards on Roof Rack: Experience the ultimate convenience of our roof rack system as our image displays multiple paddle boards securely mounted on top of a vehicle. Our durable and reliable roof rack solution allows you to transport multiple paddle boards with ease, ensuring a safe and hassle-free journey to your favorite paddleboarding spots. Trust our roof rack to accommodate your paddle board collection and make your outdoor adventures even more enjoyable.
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