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Winter Clothes Are IN STOCK!

October is just around the corner. We have sizes to fit all shapes and sizes from XS to XXXXL in snow pants and snow jackets. Our selection is large so we can pass savings on to you with some closthes discounted up to 50%!! We also have the new 2016 jackets featured below for mens and womens have come in as well. Ski World Orlando is filled up with winter clothes and hard gear and the savings are coming your way with the ski season coming very soon! For many in Florida, this means planning for Halloween and Black Friday. But for a few of us lucky ones, it means ski season will be upon us soon - all hail Khione! I know this because the boxes of winter season jackets, ski pants, snow gloves, s

Get Yourself Some SUP Surfing

Did you see the wave report this morning? Even more importantly, did you play hooky from work to catch some waves? You were in for a treat - like ice cream with sprinkles, whip cream, and a cherry on top - if you joined the ranks of paddlesurf riders in the lineup this morning. Long, workable waves spilled in with every set and the chop wasn't any worse than a splashing two year old in a bathtub. If you didn't make it out with your SUP surfboard this morning, you missed out on a great day despite the overcast. Paddlesurfers will brag about the number of waves they catch in contrast to regular surfers; even longboarders fall short in wave count. The use of a paddle allows for more initial

Ski World Host's Above The Wake Autism Event

Above The Wake is a non-profit organization that introduces Autistic children, teenagers, and adults to a safe and interactive environment where they can participate in water-sport activities. Above The Wake invites families affected by Autism to the charitable events that provide coaching and encouragement for paddleboarding along with numerous boating activities such as being towed on a tube and riding ZUP Boards. Above The Wake's mission is, "To create positive experiences on the water for children with Autism and cognitive delays, break down stigmas, and unleash potential for greatness through individual, teachable moments". Tom Hart, CEO of Above The Wake, founded the non-profit to cre

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